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2021 Maps

Final Maps

State House

State Senate

Governor's Council (awaiting approval from Governor)

Congress (awaiting approval from Governor)

Drawing Democracy Coalition’s 2021 Unity Maps

On September 28, 2021, Drawing Democracy released our Unity Maps for the Massachusetts State House and State Senate. Click here for more information, including multilingual fact sheets.

Understanding Redistricting

Drawing Democracy Coalition’s Toolkit (Available in EnglishSpanish and Portuguese)

Read more for information about redistricting criteria, defining a community of interest, drawing districts that create opportunities for communities to elect candidates of their choice, and information for community leaders and organizers about how to participate in the redistricting process.

Check out fact sheets on Redistricting 101, Rules of Redistricting (Equal Population & Voting Rights Act), and Defining Communities of Interest, and Key Terms.


Redistricting 101

Drawing Democracy's slide deck defining representation by fair redistricting.

Drawing Democracy's Redistricting 101 flyers [English | Spanish | Portuguese]

Drawing Democracy's Redistricting 101 social media graphics [English | Spanish]

Check out this video of Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley at our Drawing Democracy Representation Matters Event.

State Voices Redistricting 101 Materials

1) Redistricting 101 
2) Steps in participating
3) Understanding the process
4) Redistricting Rules
5) VRA
6) Communities of Interest
7) Core Strategies
8) Preparing your Testimony
9) Strategies for different processes
10) Glossary


Redistricting Data Hub

The Redistricting Data Hub coordinates redistricting data collection efforts at universities around the country, to make sure that all the necessary data is widely available. They provide individuals, civic organizations, and good government groups the data, tools, and knowledge to join us in this fight by learning how to recognize gerrymandering, providing meaningful public input, and submitting fair and legal maps. Check out their data for Massachusetts.

Redistricting Funder Toolkit

This Toolkit includes general information about redistricting, specific guidance about how to invest and engage, and template resources for funders who want to understand why this work is critical to ensure fair representation.

Bolder Advocacy Redistricting Fact Sheets

Since redistricting processes vary from state-to-state, Bolder Advocacy created these factsheets detailing the considerations that nonprofits and private foundations should take when speaking up and engaging around fair redistricting in the communities that we serve:

Northeastern University School of Law Report

In April 2021, Northeastern University School of Law released their report entitled Where We Draw the Line: Exploring the Massachusetts Redistricting Process and its Implications for Systemically Disenfranchised Communities

Census Data

Redistricting and Use of Census Data
This page breaks down how the census data is used in redistricting processes, such as determining the number of representatives each state gets in Congress and the drawing of district boundaries.

Massachusetts Census Equity Fund 2020 Final Report

This report from MCEF evaluates the strategies used to increase participating in the 2020 Census in Massachusetts, specifically in communities that were at significant risk of being undercounted.



Create your own Community of Interest map using Representable. For more information, check out our walk through of the tool and FAQs. You can also check out Dave's Redistricting, a free web app to create, view, analyze and share redistricting maps.

Boston Indicators Mapping Tool

While we wait for the Census Bureau to deliver the data used in redistricting, find how our communities have changed between 2010 and 2018. The Boston Indicators have created a map based on the differences between the 2010 Census and the 2018 American Community Survey.


Redistricting Funders Toolkit

The Funders' Committee for Civic Participation's Redistricting Funder Toolkit includes a range of information and resources for funders who want to learn more about why nonprofit involvement in redistricting is critical for fair representation and how funders can support work in this arena.