Drawing Democracy Celebrates Creation of 33 Majority-Minority House Districts in Massachusetts

Revised House map strengthened majority-minority status of New Bedford’s 11th Bristol District following Coalition’s advocacy

BOSTON – The Drawing Democracy Coalition is celebrating the creation of 33 majority-minority House districts in Massachusetts following the State House’s approval of the new House map. In response to advocacy from Drawing Democracy and its partners, Redistricting Committee Co-Chair Mike Moran revised his initial map to strengthen majority-minority representation in New Bedford to give BIPOC communities in the 11th Bristol District better opportunity to elect candidates of their choice. The Senate is expected to vote next week.

“The Drawing Democracy Coalition is grateful to Chair Mike Moran for his thoughtful collaboration throughout the redistricting process and dedication to transparency and equity,” said Beth Huang, convener of the Drawing Democracy Coalition and Executive Director of the Massachusetts Voter Table. “Because of his leadership and the many community members, advocates and local officials who made their voices heard throughout this process, Massachusetts will have 13 more majority-minority districts than we currently have. This will greatly increase the opportunity for BIPOC, immigrant and low-income communities to elect candidates of their choice and see authentic representation in the State House.”

In September, the Drawing Democracy Coalition released their Unity Maps for the State House and State Senate. Following the release of the first drafts of the maps drawn by the legislature, Drawing Democracy recommended changes to the Brockton, Haverhill and Boston Senate Districts and the New Bedford and Revere House Districts. The revised House map strengthened the majority-minority status of New Bedford’s 11th Bristol District but did not make changes to Revere. The revised Senate map, which is expected to be voted on next week, followed some of Drawing Democracy’s recommendations for Brockton by creating a sixth majority-minority Senate district, and made some of the proposed changes to Haverhill and Boston.

Drawing Democracy also released a Unity Map for Congress. The legislature is expected to release their Congressional and Governor’s Council maps at a later date.