Drawing Democracy Fund

The Drawing Democracy Fund (DDF) brings together philanthropic partners to support grassroots leaders and organizations promoting a transparent and accountable redistricting process, and empowering communities by creating fair voting districts. DDF will provide financial and technical support to community-based organizations involved in organizing around redistricting. Results from these partnerships and grants will include:

  1. Educating community organizations and interested citizens about the process and prepare them to participate in the public hearings;

  2. Organizing community and civic leaders with the goal of creating consensus maps for legislative districts in Massachusetts;

  3. Conducting sessions on topics including mapping software, analyzing census data, and demystifying different principles used to guide district lines, such as equal representation and respecting boundaries;

  4. Utilizing mapping software and retain mapping and demographic experts to assist with community-driven mapmaking sessions;

  5. Performing a legal analysis of redistricting case law, Massachusetts statutory law, and court decisions that have developed since the 2010 census that might affect the upcoming round of redistricting.

Grants will be awarded to groups representing people who have historically been underrepresented in the redistricting process, such as low-income individuals, people of color, and immigrants. The final outcome will be a fair and non-discriminatory election map for November 2021. 


Grants will range from $10,000 to $20,000, and focus on organizations that have active members in underrepresented communities. 



Release of a Request for Proposals: March 2021

Notification of Grant Awards: April 2021   

Organizing, and Advocacy: March – November 2021              


Drawing Democracy Fund will work with local partners to educate communities about the redistricting process and invite them to participate in how their communities are created. The project will impact redistricting in 2021 and deepen civic engagement capacity in community organizations.  Every phase of this work will deepen civic engagement, organizing strategies, and bring added tools to communities and their leaders. 


Drawing Democracy thanks our supporters!

Herman and Frieda L. Miller Family Foundation​

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The Josephine & Louise Crane Foundation


The Klarman Family Foundation