In 2011, a partnership of funders, then named the Drawing Democracy Coalition, came together to raise resources and support community groups and grassroots leaders focused on the redistricting process in the Commonwealth.

The Coalition was successful in increasing the participation of underrepresented communities in the redistricting process as well as deepening those organizations’ capacity in long-term civic engagement. The outcome of this work was the doubling of the number of majority minority seats in Massachusetts, at all levels.


The funders from the coalition have continued to collaborate over the past 10 years and came together again in 2018, to launch the Massachusetts Census Equity Fund for the 2020 Census. Facing serious budget shortcomings, distrust in the federal government, and then the pandemic, the 2020 Census was at great risk of failure. Raising over $1.5 million in resources MCEF awarded and supported community groups and organizations across the Commonwealth to get out the count in our hardest-to-count communities and were able to increase the self-response rate in Massachusetts!


Building off the success of this collaboration, we are taking the next steps to ensure a true representative democracy in Massachusetts with the Drawing Democracy Fund.

Final Report from Drawing Democracy work in 2011